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Guitar Finger Stretcher


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Color: Black

handProduct Name: Guitar Finger Stretcher

Product Type: Musical Instrument Accessory

Product Description:

The Guitar Finger Stretcher is a versatile and handy tool designed to help musicians, especially beginners, in enhancing finger strength and flexibility for various musical instruments. This innovative accessory is suitable for use with instruments such as guitar, piano, guzheng, violin, and erhu, and it is particularly helpful for those who struggle with finger dexterity.

Key Features:

  • Universal Usage: This finger stretcher is designed to be a universal tool, making it compatible with a wide range of musical instruments. Whether you're a guitarist, pianist, or play other string instruments like guzheng, violin, or erhu, this accessory can help improve finger strength and flexibility.

  • Durable Inner Rod: The inner rod of the stretcher is made from advanced technology fiber, ensuring its durability and long-lasting use. It can withstand the rigors of daily practice.

  • Comfortable Silicone Sleeve: The silicone sleeve provides a comfortable and secure grip for your fingers, making it easy to use and reducing any discomfort during your stretching exercises.

  • Ring Material: The ring is constructed from high-quality ABS and features a thick copper nut for added stability and longevity.

Scope of Application:

  • Musical Instruments: Guitar, piano, guzheng, violin, erhu, and other musical instruments.
  • Beginners: This finger stretcher is particularly useful for beginners who are looking to build finger strength and increase finger flexibility when playing musical instruments.

The Guitar Finger Stretcher is an essential tool for musicians of all levels, helping you enhance your finger strength and dexterity, leading to better performance and playing skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, this accessory can assist in improving your finger control.

index finger Middle finger  Ring finger Little finger
inside diameter perimeter inside diameter perimeter inside diameter perimeter inside diameter perimeter
Standard bold 2.3 7.222 2.3 7.222 2.3 7.222 2.1 6.594
Standard 2.1 6.594 2.1 6.594 2.1 6.594 2.1 6.594
Children's 1.9 5.966 1.9 5.966 1.9 5.966 1.9 5.966

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Guitar Finger Stretcher
Guitar Finger Stretcher
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